Harron Homes Review

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Harron Homes Review

Post by admin » Sun Mar 15, 2020 8:45 am

Removed from Trustpilot 13/3/2020

Notahappy Chappy
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2 days ago
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Absolutely terrible service
Absolutely terrible service, poorly built house and poor workmanship. How these houses have been passed by building control I have no idea!
We have had issues and very serious ones for 18 months and still we live in a mess. Walls uneven, constant leaks from windows and doors.
We report our issues and nothing gets rectified. It’s a huge shame as the area is lovely and the houses look great.
I suggest, if you are thinking of buying from Harron homes to think carefully. The sales team are great but once you signed on the dotted line it’s down hill from there and lots of stress!

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